Recent Publications

Greg running
Published stories are available in full text at the links below:
“Katu Latu Kulu,” The Vanishing Point Convergence: Best Stories of 2021-2023
“Svengali,” Strangely Marvelous Stories, 2024

“Vanilla Thieves,” samfiftyfour, 2023
“50 Matches,” Out of the Darkness (Wolfsinger Press), 2023
“Leaving Loathsome Cave,” Orca, 2022
“Homunculi in Need of Repair,” The MacGuffin, 2022
“Gigolo Fish,” The Quarter(ly), 2022
“The Border,” Rock and a Hard Place, 2022
“Ten,” In Filth it Shall Be Found, 2021
“Svengali,” Dark Lane Anthology, Volume 11, 2021, and Down the Rabbit Hole IV,” 2021
“Katu Latu Kulu,” Ceci n’esy pas une histoire d’horreur, 2021, and The Vanishing Point, 2021
“Convenience,” now available in Thrice Fiction issue 25, 2020
“Wings,” now available in Crack the Spine, issue 250, 2019
“Boy Strangling Goose” now available in Glimmer Train, fall, 2018, issue 103
“Constello’s Cell,” Dark Lane Anthology, volume 7, 2018
“Glorious Vessel” now available in Shooter Literary Magazine, issue 8, 2018
“Out” now available in Dark Lane Anthology, volume 6, 2018, print, ebook
“Killdeer,” now available in Dunes Review, spring 2018, print
“Pavlov’s Dog,” Blue River Review, 2018
“An Oofy Baby Sees Fortunato’s Side” now available in Tahoma Literary Review 2018, issue 11 (print, audio, and e-copies available); also in Quoth the Raven, 2018
“Turnpike” (chapbook) wins Gambling the Aisle award, 2018
“Balance,” descant, winner Frank O’Connor Fiction Award, 2018
“Knuckles” now available in spring, 2017 issue of Florida Review (print only)
“Cat Calls” now available in the anthology Solstice Selects: Two Years of Diverse Voices (print only)
“Beast Music” now appears in the fall, 2016 issue of FRiGG
“Cat Calls” wins Solstice‘s fiction competition
“Tornado Baby” now appears in summer 2016 issue of (print only)  Bop Dead City
“Obligates” appears in The Pinch, winter 2016
“Queen of the Waves” is available in print from The Georgia Review, winter 2015
“Cadge” now appears in issue 10 of EDGE (print only)
“X” now appears in issue 7 of Zymbol (print only)
“Diorama” is available online at Baltimore Review, summer, 2015
“Still Life” is available online at Superstition Review and in print in the anthology Still Life, published by The Rubery Book Award
“Cherish the Muffin Top” is now available online at Literary Orphans
“Yodeling for Life” is now available online at  Nashville Review
“Karaoke for the Deaf” is now available online at Jersey Devil Press
“Roanoke” appears in the spring 2015 issue of Silk Road Review
“Refugees of the Meximo Invasion” appears in the anthology Love on the Road 2015 published by Malinki Press
“Lactophilia” now available online in A-Minor Magazine
“Fiji Mermaid” now available for purchase (spring, 2014 issue) The Madison Review
“Claustrophilia, Outer Banks” now available online in Pinball
“Annabelle’s Children” appears in the print anthology Altered States, available at Amazon
“The Dry Boys–Paris,” 1995 now available online in MadHat, issue 15
“Now Let Us Look at His Pictures” now available in EDGE, published by Tahoe Writers Works
“Nuzzi Great-Grandpa” accepted by Emrys Journal
“The Wild Pandas of Chincoteague” now available for purchase, Post Road issue 27
“Before Zebra” is now available in Bluestem Magazine’s December issue
This Is Not a Confession” is now in fall issue of JMWW
Knothole” now in Solstice (online) and  Versal 11 (print)
“Nag’s Head” now available in Yemassee
The Ghosts of Happiness” now in Chicago Literati
Tweetsie Railroad” now in the winter 2013 issue of The Baltimore Review
Wisent: a Love Story” spring 2012 Superstition Review
Game Farm,” spring 2012, Newport Review; also available in print anthology You’d Better Watch Out!
An Evening with Willie Freeze,” spring 2012  The Baltimore Review–print copy also available
Blue Madeline’s Version,” spring 2012 A cappella Zoo–print copy also available; also in the Cruentus Libri Press anthology
Suffer the Little Children” available on
Bunny on the Lam,” January/February 2012 THIS Literary Magazine
What’s Yours is Yours,” March 2012 Jersey Devil Press
“Mister S, the Mysterious,” now in Los Angeles Review–print copy available or listen to podcast at website
Dr. Moreau’s Pet Shop,” December 2011, PANK Magazine
Magic in Loser Paradise, 1990,” fall 2011, Waccamaw Journal
“Shame,” autumn 2011, Battered Suitcase–finalist, summer 2011, Reynolds Price Fiction Award given by Salem College Center for Women Writers–print copy available
“Who’s Akela?” summer 2011, New South, winner, New South fiction award–print copy available
Dead White Male Body,” summer 2011, FRiGG Magazine
Smooth, summer 2011, Prime Number Magazine also available in print anthology Prime Number Magazine Editors’ Selection, Volume 2 available from Press 53
Terrorist,” June 2011, Emprise Review; finalist, 2010 Rick DeMarinis Fiction Award, Cuthroat Magazine
Cupids,” April 2011, Storyglossia
Svidrigaylov’s Dream,” spring 2011, Gulf Stream; winner, 2011 Gulf Stream Fiction Award; November, 2010, Forge Journal–print copy available
T’ings,” spring 2011, The Apple Valley Review
Snow Angels sans Merci,” spring 2011 Prick of the Spindle; finalist, October 2009, Glimmer Train Family Matters
Sweet,” March 2011, The Write Room
Old Yeller,” February 2011, Underground Voices; finalist, January 2010, Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Award
Marigolds,” winter 2011, The Coachella Review
Flight,” winter 2011, Rose & Thorn Journal; see blog discussion “back story
Feeding,” winter 2010, Blood Orange Review
Friday in her Cul de Sac,” November 2010, Foliate Oak Literary Journal
Dear Everyone,” November 21, 2010, Used Furniture Review; featured in FictionDaily, December, 3, 2010
Interstate Nocturne,” fall 2010, Tertulia Magazine (nominated for the 2012 Pushcart Prize); December 2010 Pif Magazine; now in Surreal South ’11print copy available