Dear Everyone

open quoteIn these masterfully told stories Greg Wolos creates a gallery of memorable characters, pathetic, manic, delusional in strange combinations, always near the edge. A simple prison guard undertakes to save himself and the world by inscribing angels on walls, trees, golf greens. Wolos-world is populated by scary children—winning, precocious, contagiously demonic. One child’s family history inspires her to decorate her knee with a swastika. There are no epiphanies, no summing up, just the relentless descent into often comedic absurdity. Repelled by the delusional, deeply moved by pathos, you read on and on. You can’t stop.”

—Eugene K. Garber, The Eroica Trilogy, Transformations Press, 2018

open quoteReading Dear Everyone by Gregory J. Wolos is like a scintillating conversation with a much smarter friend, a friend with an enterprising sense of wonder and a faithfulness to the ambiguity of life. These wise, wry, and wildly entertaining stories will remind you why you fell in love with fiction in the first place. Wolos pays attention to our world, celebrates our fragile and complicated lives, and opens a space in front of us so we can see more clearly.”

—John Dufresne, I Don’t Like Where This Is Going, W.W. Norton & Company, 2017

Dear Everyone book cover